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Joseph Paris

Experimental · 2019

to die gracefully

A 24-hour film, shot, edited and broadcast live on YouTube, January 4, 2019.

This is not the common idea that a flutter of butterfly wings at the end of the world can cause a hurricane at the other end that is frankly to displease us, us who are always dreaming of sparks of revolt seeking the road to the powder keg, but we must unfortunately admit that the indifference of the time with regard to butterflies is matched only by its refusal to hear the message addressed by the accumulation of storms. The 2017-2018 hurricane seasons in the North Atlantic Ocean each counted no less than 10 hurricanes and as many tropical storms, recording the highest cumulative energy values ever recorded in this area without causing the least amount of wing movement to begin. If hurricanes are born wing beats of butterflies, how not to deduce that these unprecedented cyclonic episodes are the concrete result of a stirring of the latter?



On screen: Delphine De Baere | Logan De Carvalho | Juliette Chaigneau | Geraldine Dupla | Amelie Esbelin | Anaïs Harte | Nicolas Krminac | Gabriel Lechevalier | Shady Nafar | Lucas Partensky | Anna Romagny |

Images: Joseph Paris | Thim Naccache | Theo Stefanini |

Produced by Radical Cinema

Supported by: Région Île-de-France |

Copyleft · 2019 · Joseph Paris · This work is free, you can copy it, distribute it and modify it according to the terms of the free art license